Anti-frizz pillowcases and caps

Be a curly short hair woman!

A woman with curly short hair is ready to do everything! Wherever she goes, the power inside her is visible!
Now I will tell you a little bit about my thoughts regarding empowered women with short hair!
Behind the courage to assume curly and short hair are women battling daily fights. One of those fights is the hair transition. For those women the recommended cut is the BIG CHOP.
Yesss! Super scary right?
Specially living in a world like today’s, full of judgements.
Here are some Big Chop pictures to inspire you:
The Big Chop can be very scary because women with that cut will fight a real hair!
A hair with frizz, volume and daily routines!
Nowadays the curly world has grown so much that we do have so many resources to help maintain a sophisticated curly short hair and frizz free!
So, here are some tips that will help you get the perfect hair. That’s all we want right?
Use a proper towel to help drying your curls avoiding friction and frizz.
Use the Diffuser Drying Cap to help you dry hair, this way you prevent touching and messing your curls and drying evenly.
And finally, use the Satin Bonnet to sleep. It will be responsible for a perfect day after!
And all those products you will find it here in No Frizz website!

Now you are more than ready to be a woman with curly short hair.

Break all beauty standards and feel free to be the woman you want to be!
Cheers to a real hair!
And if you feel motivated, share this post with another woman so she can feel the same way as you felt!
Women help women! 😍

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