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How to detangle my curly hair?

Detangle hair can be one of the biggest challenge for a curly girl and many are the reasons for a hair to be tangled, making this process painful sometimes. But I do have some tips for you to be able to detangle your hair without suffering!

But, is there a right way to detangle curly hair?

Of course there is! It took me long time to understand that we should start brushing from the ends then going towards the root (that goes to all hair types). Also is very important to divide hair in sections, this way you avoid hair damage and uncurl.

  • Should I detangle my hair while dry or wet?

Always wet! You can also use a cream before washing your hair (hair mask, conditioner, leave-in, oil) as a pre-poo, this will help you to brush and detangle your hair while showering, it will be much more easy to do it!

  • Is there an ideal brush to detangle?

Yes, there is! And I confess that since I started to take care of my hair I thought wide tooth combs were the best ones to detangle curly hair, but not exactly! These kind of combs leave a greater space between hair strings which can cause a mechanical breakage (by force). In addition having non-flexible teeth, that contribute even more to this breakage.

So, the best and efficient way to detangle your hair without braking it, is to use a paddle brush, it has more flexible bristles that adapt to the shape of strands, sliding easily.

  • Why my hair tangles so much? Can I avoid it?

Some hair types are born with this facility to tangle, those are 3 and 4 type (curly and coily) duing the texture and for being naturally drier than the other types.

You can avoid your hair to tangle, just pay attention to these tips:

  • While washing, just use the shampoo on the roots and let the foam goes through the hair length, this will avoid hair to tangle
  • Never tied up your hair while wet! This habit can result in a hair very tangled and can even break it

And the most important tip:

  • Change your regular cotton pillowcases for a No Frizz Satin Pillowcase, because satin avoids friction and does not steal water and hydration  from your hair as cotton does. Changing your pillowcase, you minimize the chances of waking up with a tangles hair and full of frizz. But, if you are just like me, with long hair, the No Frizz Satin Bonnet can be also a good choice, your hair will be protected during all night and you will be able to sleep happily.

Now that you took notes on all tips, let me resume it to you:

STEP 1 – Use a No Frizz Satin Pillowcase or Bonnet to sleep

STEP 2 –  Always apply a cream as a pre-poo before every washing time

STEP 3 – Detangle your hair while is wet

STEP 4 – Use a brush with flexible bristles

STEP 5 – Divide hair in sections

STEP 6 – Brush it starting from the ends toward the root

That’s all, now you just need to use that tips during your hair routine!

Share these tips with that friends which is always complaining about her tangled hair! You can help het.

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