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5 tips to take care of your curls (winter time version)!

Dear friends, do you remember that other day I talked about curl types here right? I posted here a guide to help you understand your hair texture and how to take care of it the best way possible. Often your hair health will depend of 1 single detail related to 3C ou 4A for exemple.

And look, I know that sometimes you do everything right, you are great at taking care of your curls, but you don’t always achieve the desired results, isn’t it? Do you know what it can be? A single wrong detail after a sequence of right actions. Even more in winter! When the weather gets drier, and depending on the number of days, you can say goodbye to all expenses you had on products and hours on beauty salons.

As I already know this story for such a long time – yes, I grown up inside a curly specialized hair salon – I prepared lot of tips so you can take care of your curls even more. And it’s all so simple. Probably you already know some of them, but a new tip can change the whole result.

Well, enough with the talking and let’s start with some tips because I know you wanna go out there feeling gorg this winter.

1 – Cold water

Well, I know that using cold water during winter time can be very difficult, but it might be a sacrifice you must do and your hair will thank you. Hot water? No way!!! Just bad results: dryness, dandruff, no shiny hair.

Especially for those ones with curls the ideal water temperature is warm ou cold. Hey, you don’t need to cry! This rule is just for hair, not applicable to body. So, you can wash your hair before or after shower.

Look, to reduce the “pain”, when I wash my hair separately I do it like this: first I wash it and protect it with a towel and then I take a warm shower. This way I leave the bathroom not neglecting to take care of my lock as they deserve.

2 – Hydration

Coily and curly hair are naturally dryer. But during winter time… OMG so hard to deal with. So always apply moisture and oils on it. Prefer the natural ones ok? Apply at least 2x per week during winter time.

Dehydrated hair becomes vulnerable, loses nutrients, breaks easily and has no shine at all. With a very good hair routine you will have defined curls and healthier hair, no mysteries.

3 – Hairstyle

This is a main tip for those windy day and you become twice gorgeous: healthy and styled hair. Any hairstyle that protects the ends is value here: braids, turban, box braids, bun, or whatever comes into your mind. Just like that you will take care about the hair ends and walk around beautiful.

4 – Wet hair

Gold tip: never sleep with your hair wet. And not even damp! Too much water means too fragile hair. So, if you washed your hair when it’s late at night and you might sleep, dry it! Always remove the water excess with a proper towel. And if the idea is to finish with no frizz, no lots of volume and very defined hair, use the Drying Diffuser Cap with your hair dryer (here we have lots of beautiful options).

Oh! And don’t forget about that tip from hot water, the hot air does the same to your hair: breaks, damages, remove shine. So always keep it warm or cold ok?

5 – Satin Accessories

Regular towel can be one of your worst enemies, at any time of the year especially for coily and curly hair. But during winter, they are the damage champions! The friction caused by the fibers damages the hair cuticles and absorbers too much water. Bye bye all products and salon investments made! The towel removes everything.

Ok, let’s say you did wash your hair with cold water, used the right towel, used a diffuser cap, applied on some naturals oils but… There’s always a but.

But… you sleep with a cotton pillowcase, uses helmet, touches the headrest seat, lives a life without remembering that friction is everywhere and cotton fiber is all around dehydrating wire per wire.

Is not all lost! You simply need to usa a satin pillowcase to sleep, a satin bonnet under helmet, a satin headrest protector. And during your daily routine a satin bonnet to protect the hair from wind, dry air and touching. Done! You can take care of your curls without spending a lot, can you see it?

And I do have a 6th tip for you that is suuuuuper important not just during winter time but for the rest of your life: day after. Is not possible to wash a coily and curly hair everyday right girl? So always keep in mind a good after day chronogram. All tips I gave you are important to keep your hair beautiful through the days between washes. I prepared a post with amazing tips for day after that will be here soon. Stay tuned! Kisses.

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