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Your final result will depend on the Satin Bonnet size!

Short, long, wavy, curly, straight hair. Whatever is your style, the satin bonnet size must be taken in consideration while using because the final result will depend on it.

Here in No Frizz our Satin Bonnets have a elastic which allows you to adjust it without leaving it too tight or too loose while sleeping. The tag that goes with the product explain exactly how it works.

The elastic inside our bonnets is quite long, around 25 inches. You will just need to pull the elastic and knot it to make it adjusted as more comfortable for you. That’s all!

And the best part is: this elastic can be changed super easy! Do you know why is this good? Because your bonnet will last longer and longer. More less 2 years later you will need to change the elastic, but ONLY THE ELASTIC. Your bonnet will be beautiful and working as always.

When the elastic is sewn on the bonnet, is supernatural that you will need to change it. But is not our case, we want you to have the best experience possible. Just pull the elastic and place a new one, this way you will have more years in the company of it

But the satin bonnet size is not just that. We need to take in consideration all the volume you will put inside of it.

O tamanho da touca de cetim é importante para acomodar melhor o cabelo

Satin Bonnets are good for all hair types: straight, wavy, curly, coily, short and veeeery long ones as well! Oh, and we can’t forget about those ones with box braids, of course!

For that reason, if very important to choose the right size to be comfortable using it.

How do I choose the Satin Bonnet size?

Well, as I just explained, the bonnet size of it is referred to the hair length, not the head circumference. We are talking about the capacity of each bonnet to keep the treasure, your hair, with the most efficient way ever while sleeping.

Tabela de tamanho da touca de cetim

When the Satin Bonnet size is the right one, frizz can be reduced up to 90%. So, there are 2 things you must take in consideration while choosing it: your hair volume and length. Let’s check the sizes:

Small Size (S)

Diameter: 20”

This size is for those ones with short hair, till shoulder length an less volume. Or, long hair but very thin ones. Or even very long hair and no volume. All fits inside a S size easily.

Medium Size (M)

Diameter: 22”

If your hair length is under shoulder and ha more volume, M size to not loose protection while sleeping.

Large Size (L)

Diameter: 24”

And, if you have long and voluminous hair, the L size is the ideal onde. That’s the right size for those ones with black power, even if short. The hair fiber classified as 4 have more volume and for that reason the L size should be better.

And for those ones with box braids

I bring you good news: has a bonnet made just for your necessities.

The friction between hair and cotton and other fabrics can reduce box braids life. So girl, value your investment and make it las longer. Use a bonnet specially made for who has box braids! It has a different shape than the other, is a bit longer so you can keep all your hair inside with all care.

And what about you? Which Satin Bonnet size you use? Have you ever experience something fun or too crazy with a bonnet size? Tell us so we can laugh together! Or maybe I can think in a better way to attend your necessity. I’ll be here waiting! Kisses!

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