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Is silk better than satin? Ana answers it!

Girls, I came here to tell you something about a subject that made my mind blown other day. I was beautifully laid down on my No Frizz pillowcase, almost falling asleep when… Oops! I was thrown in a little brain fog:

“Is silk better than satin?”

Ohhhh my, good bye beauty sleep, now I will start a no ending mental dialogue. Yes, silk is beautiful, smooth, chic and has been used at least 3.600 years before Christ. A fiber that crosses thousands of years without a single imperfection has to be perfect, right?

In my thoughts were already exploding when my pillowcase said: “Chill Ana! Yes, it is a noble fiber, but our focus is hair, did you forget about it? Hair babe, hair! You need to understand the relationship between the fiber and the hair.”

So I calmed down and started to search about it. A lot of things I read, I already knew, but it was a great search, I could learn a lot. We can always learn something new, don’t we?

But, getting back to it. Yes, both satin and silk are shiny, smooth and beautiful. But my friend, sat down and check their differences!


Different from popular belief, it IS NOT a vegan product. Of course not! It is made by an insect waste that crystalizes in contact with air. Is suuuper delicate!

Well, our main point here is hair right? A decision point between silk and satin is: silk is a natural fiber, and all natural fibers absorbers much more water than others.

Just for that reason I can say that satin is much healthier for hair than silk, especially for curly ones that tend to be more dry. Satin will be cheaper as well, silk is one of the most expensive threads around the world!


After my brain fog I look back to my pillow dressed in a No Frizz Satin Pillowcase and completely fell in love with it once more. This product is 100% polyester made, so it does not absorbes water! It dries super fast and treats your hair as it supposed to be treated, with love!

Menina abraçada com travesseiro com fronha de cetim, usando touca de cetim e xuxinha de cetim

The gorgeous @eudeliricoblog with the Galaxy set! Satin is a synthetic fiber, different from silk which is a natural one.

Besides being vegan, satin has a huge price difference compared to silk!


In resume: Nothing against silk or having a silk pillowcase. But, understand that the effect from this fabric on your hair IS NOT THE SAME as satin. Not even close… or better. Actually you will pay more for a gorgeous product but will not help you with frizz as satin pillowcases or bonnets will.

I know that any product you find here will make you happy.

All accessories are made so you can take care of your hair with practicality and creativity. All our products are tested and approved by beauty specialists.

Now that you know all of it, click on the link below and choose your favorite!

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A satin kiss for you girl.

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