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Satin Bonnet for straight and wavy hair!

Are you suuure? You know girl, sometimes we think our hair is straight, but… you happened to wake up and look like you touched a power plug and got electrocuted? You see your hair, messy, frizzy and feeling like Tina Turner with no reason?

Hum.. looks like you do have a wavy hair, don’t you? That’s it, crazy right? I explained it already about curl types but we didn’t talk about straight.

The straight hair, the truly one, has no wave at all, none! But few kooky ones has such a slightly wave, sooo light, that at first look you can swear it is a straight hair, but it’s not! To hold “on place” it need some effort that the straight hair doesn’t ask to. You combed and your hair got messy? Bingo! You do have a wavy one.

That’s my case. For year and years I was sure my hair was straight. But, everyday was a fight between me and creams, straightener, the right way to dry it so it doesn’t “get messy”. A true straight hair actually never happened…

Ana found out that she doesn't have straight hair, but a wavy one.

When I decided to stop “fighting” with my hair everything changed. From that day on I started to understand what type my hair was and who I was. I do have a wavy hair! So, it was a life changing babe! After that I started to look for the right and easier techniques to finishes my hair, respecting my waves. Following some rules, my hair was in place every time with no stress!

The cool thing about it is that I discovered all the possibilities a wavy hair can give me! One day I can be wavy and the other straight girl. So cool right?

Satin bonnet it’s also for me

When we talk about satin bonnet, the first thing that comes into our mind is curly and coily hair, but no. It is just perfect for all kinds of hair, did you know it? Including natural straight hair or chemically straightened ones.

As I told you, wavy hair gives you freedom to choose how you wanna look everyday and using an amazing Satin Bonnet can help you with those adventures. The Satin Bonnet will help to keep your wavy or straight hair on place after using the Diffuser Cap.

Appreciate your waves

I do have some very good tips for you that just happened to know your hair is wavy and decided to embrace it. One of those tips is: finalize it as a curly girl!

Straight or wavy hair, everyone deserves a satin bonned

Always do it with damp hair:

1 – Divide your hair in 4 equal parts (you can use some No Frizz scrunchies to do that).

2 – Put on some combing cream on each part from the roots till the ends and comb it from the bottom up.

3 – Squeeze out the extra moisture and water from each part a proper towel starting from the end to the top.

4 – Complete the drying process with our No Frizz Diffuser Cap

Does the Diffuser Cap works for straight hair?

Diffuser Cap it's awesome for straight hair

Yeah, it works! Our sleep bonnets, as the Diffuser Caps, are just perfect for straight, wavy, curl and coily hair because they keep the natural hydration and protect it from overnight friction.

For those who uses chemicals, hair dryer and straighteners, using a Silk Bonnet is much more important because it helps to maintain a long time result.

So, beautiful, if your hair is straight or wavy, I want to welcome you in the club of No Frizz Satin Bonnet because here we do think about you and the peace you can make with your reflection.

Here is the key to our store and the passport to your endless happiness and self loving.

Go there quickly and check out our satin bonnets and others creative products that will make your hair routine much easier!

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